Understanding Maths and your child!

Dr Graham Lawler produced this book (see below) some years ago and it has proven so successful it is now in its fifth edition. There are some things that every parent should be aware of and one of them is basic maths, that is why this book is so important. Don’t rely on asking Alexa, rely on this book, it really is that good.

One thing Mums often get wrong is the behaviour messaging they send to their children, particularly their daughters.

How many mums say, when asked to help the child with maths homework ‘ Oh go and ask your father!’  This is the wrong message to send to children, particularly girls. It says that maths is only for boys and men and nothing could be further from the truth. We need a lot more women in maths and science so we need to encourage all children. point your children towards celebrities like Carol Vorderman, the tv maths whizz. She can be an inspiration to many youngsters particularly girls.

Avoid the temptation to say ‘ maths made easy’ or other statements like this, if maths was easy, we would not have such problems. It is better to keep using the mantra ‘maths is fun!’

But do make it clear that your child can cope if they work at it and that you can support them, that is why the book below is an important read.

Everyone says that literacy is vital to be a successful adult and it is, but the same people will wear their poor numeracy as a badge of pride and that is not good enough. As far as your children are concerned, you need to think of numeracy and literacy as food and drink. In the 21 st century, you need both.

As Dr Graham Lawler says: ‘ in the 21 st century you will earn what you learn. If  you don’t learn much, don’t expect to earn much’

This is the point, we are preparing children for the 21 st century but we have no idea what the future will be like.  If you are old enough, think back to the 1980’s, there were no mobile phones, no internet, no spotify , no Alexa, no google Home, and no-one had a computer in their home.  Now think about how we live now and how we take these things for granted.

Now fast forward to 2060, what can we say about 2060 and the answer is nothing.  We have no idea what 2060 will be like but your child will be working in the work force.  So this means we cannot teach them everything they need to know because we don’t know what they will need to know. But we do know one thing, they will have problems and will ned to be able to solve them. Mathematics is at the heart of problem, solving and that is why this book is important.

Understanding Maths   


Basic Mathematics Explained Fifth Edition

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For students nurses, student teachers, functional skills/ Essential Skills Wales/ Core Skills Scotland/ Core Skills Northern Ireland (* Application of Number).


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Price EUR: 13.99

In Focus-   A Studymates Series

Who else wants to spend less time studying and be able to calculate correctly each time?

This book is aimed at anyone – adults and children alike – who is having trouble with basic mathematics

This book includes details on:

  • Numbers and place value,
  • Dealing with fractions,
  • Calculating with percentages,
  • Working with decimals,
  • Using a calculator,
  • Angles and turning,
  • Area and volume,
  • Data handling,
  • Probabilities and chance,
  • Estimating and checking

Who Should study this book ?

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■    All students taking maths refresher and examination courses and Functional/Essential Skills Wales/Core Skills Scotland and Core Skills Northern Ireland.

■    All social sciences students requiring a working knowledge of maths .

■    Secondary school and sixth-form libraries.

■    Teachers, tutors and lecturers responsible for maths

teaching and coaching.

■    College/university central and departmental


■    ideal for people on training courses where basic

mathematics is needed


Mathematics/ Study skills /Education

Book cover for Understanding Maths
Understanding Maths
Basic Mathematics Explained

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