Role of Honour

These are brief comments about students who have been through our study skills program in mathematics.


ND is a girl from Rhyl who followed the Welsh board system.  When she started the programme she was a grade D in numeracy and a grade E in maths. .After the program she ended with a B and a C.


RH is a boy in a private school. He was bright but the pace he was working at was too fast for him.  When he started the programme he was a grade 4, following the English system. He ended with a grade 7, equivalent to an A*.


AS is a boy from the Colwyn Bay area.  He was struggling when he entered the program. He started the program on a grade D.  He worked with Dr Lawler for 1 year and ended the program with  an A* and is now following A level mathematics and is a happy young man.


LB is a girl from Prestatyn.  She started the program on a grade D/E and ended on a grade B.


KS was an As level fail when she started the program. She ended on a grade D and went on to train as a nurse.


JG is from Rhyl and was failing in maths and needed to get a grade C. In her own words she was a  ‘stroppy kid’.  She started the program as a ‘fail’ and she did achieve her grade C by the end. She is now serving in Her Majesty’s Forces.


started the programme as an adult on a grade E. He wanted to join  the forces but had to get a grade C.   He did get his grade c and is now a chef in the Royal Navy.


FS is a pupil in a private school in Chester. He had to take the 11+ to enter and failed. He came bottom.  Dr Lawler worked with him  and mum for 1 year and at the end of the year FS retook the exam and came top. He is now doing well in his new school.  Dr Lawler also taught his older sister the study skills system.  She went on to get 9 A* at GCSE level, did the same at A level and is now in University.

This programme is backed by solid research on how children learn and it works.