Let them play

2020 has changed us. At the end of 2020 the U.K. finally parted company with the E.U. and during 2020 the virus ravaged around the world.

The one group who are badly hit are children.  Their education has been badly hit but the answer is NOT longer school days. Children are not empty vessels like tin cans waiting to be filled with knowledge. They are people who have thoughts, feelings and worries like the rest of us.  They have had a difficult year and the answer is simple.  As we  slowly unlock, they need to play. If schools are going to have extended days then that extra time needs to be fun for kids. It is the social and emotional of your child that has been hurt the most during lockdown. 

The answer is let them play, seriously, let them play.

One year in the life of a 45 year old is 1/45 but 1/10 of a ten year olds life. That means it is a huge part they have lost. So take them to football, organise a disco (outdoors), go playing hockey. In fact anything that is social and fun. Play is essential for their well being  

It helps children deal with emotional issues and then teachers can teach them. Then they will learn more effectively and be happier people as a result.

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