The New Normal after Covid

Since this blog is for Mathematics students you may be surprised to see this. The truth is that when you are back in school/college in the autumn/fall, then the Covid virus is till going to be with us.

So every night  when you get home, you need to have a sanitizer period.

This is not a joke. Before you eat or drink you need to strip totally and go and shower. This is because if you have come into contact with someone who has the virus or is carrying it, you may have it on your skin. By showering you are washing it off your skin.

All of your underclothes need to be washed, literally every night. Your outer clothes also need to be cleaned. we recommend you get a steamer like this one

The Covid 19 virus is a piece of genetic material and when it gets hot it breaks apart. This is why it is not as big a problem in the summer. But in the autumn/fall semester we could be due a second spike. So outer clothes can be steamed and that will kill the virus.  Alternatively leave them for 72 hours and it will break apart. The virus has to get inside a person to survive. That person then becomes the host and the virus may make the host sick or die.

Don’t forget to steam your shoes as well. Yes it is a pain but it is better than you dying or you bringing it home and infecting someone in your family.

Stay safe, this is the new normal.