Welcome to the Maths Help Studio

This blog is designed to help three types of people:

  • students studying GCSE maths or post 16 level 2/3 maths,
  • teachers who need good ideas to help their teaching,
  • parents who are concerned about their children’s progress.

    photo of education expert Dr Graham Lawler
    Dr Graham Lawler

My name is Dr Graham Lawler and I am a maths teacher, a former head of maths and an author. I have worked with primary, secondary, sixth form, F.E. and university post graduate students so I have a lot of experience and maybe can show you somethings in a different way.

We plan to have a Youtube channel where you can see some videos of how to answer questions.  That should save you hours of slog. This is part of my business so not everything is free, there are books that you will be able to buy, but it is not compulsory and there will be courses that you can take part in, but that comes later.

First of all, I need you to do something. In the reply below, let me know what areas of school maths are challenging and we will see what we can do to help you.

To your success!

Graham Lawler